The Portuguese arrived in Japan in 1543. Nagasaki became an important trading port with the Portuguese, which opened Japan to contacts and trade relations between the rest of the world, especially with mainland China, with which Japan had previously severed trade and political relations following a series of incidents. Now that the Portuguese have served as intermediaries between the two Asian countries, traders and the Kyushu Daimyo (feudal lords) expected to reap great benefits from these trades with the Portuguese. This introduced Christianity, firearms and gunpowder to Japan. I acquired a resource by moving the commercial ship on the anchor symbol to trade with foreigners. The trick is how does trading with other clans work? Is profit mutual or does one partner make more money in trade than the other? The only unit owned by European traders is the Black Ship, the most powerful naval unit in the world. This ship appears on its own and sails along the west and north coasts of the map. If the black ship is captured by one clan, European traders do not send another, unless the original ship is sunk. The attack and/or conquest of the merchant ship does not upset the traders and powder weapons can still be purchased. The Dutch arrived in 1600, led by an Englishman, and began their first attempts at commercial interaction in 1605.

In 1639, Tokugawa banned Iemitsu, grandson of Tokugawa Leyasu, from foreign influence in Japan. Western ships should be submerged and those on board decapitated. The samurai often checked citizens if they had passports. All those who were caught were severely punished. Westerners were driven out of Japan. The Japanese allowed only a handful of Dutch, Korean and Chinese traders on an island off Nagasaki to trade in Japan. Japan had withdrawn from the rest of the world until March 31, 1854, when Commodore Matthew Perry, on the orders of the U.S. Navy, forced Japan to open for the second time to the rest of the world. On the left (your page), the user interface shows you how much money you make from trading and what resources you export to your trading partner. The right side shows how much money they make and what resources you import from them….