12 (iii) (iv) the compensation sought; and the signature of the duly authorized official of the OSSTF and the member concerned step 2. If no satisfactory agreement is reached in Stage 1, the union may file the complaint within ten (10) days with the Superintendent of Business Administration (or a designated Superintendent), who will make a decision within ten (10) days of the date the written complaint was submitted to the Union. The parties may, if they wish, meet to discuss the complaint at a time and place appropriate for both parties. A class complaint may be filed at Stage 2 and a complaint from the Union or a policy must be filed within ten (10) days of the circumstances that led to the complaint or Stage 3 of the complaint herunterladen. If no satisfactory agreement is reached in Stage 2, the union may, within ten (10) days of receiving the response to Stage 2, refer the complaint to the Labour Relations Manager, who will call a meeting with the Board`s complaint. Committee. The Board shall meet with the Union within ten (10) days of receipt of the written request and respond to the complaint in writing within ten (10) days of the Arbitration meeting:a) In the absence of a satisfactory resolution in Stage 3 of a claim between the parties, such claim may be submitted to arbitration, provided that such written request is received within sixty (60) days of the decision in Stage 3. (b) The party transmitting the claim to arbitration as provided above shall at the same time express the wish of a sole arbitrator or a board of arbitration herunterladen. The other party must respond in writing to the request of a sole arbitrator within ten (10) days and provide the names of three (3) arbitrators for review by the other party. If no consensual agreement can be reached, the following procedure shall apply: (i) The party filing the claim shall inform the arbitral tribunal of the name and address of its representative. 9 5 3.02 The Commission recognizes the right of the O.S.S.T.F. to authorize the Collective Bargaining Entity or any other duly authorized advisory, legal, legal or representative representative to assist, advise or represent it in all matters relating to the negotiation and administration of this Collective Agreement t connect. == References ===== External links ===(s) recognizes the right of the Board of Directors to authorize any duly authorized advisory representative, lawyer, solicitor or representative to assist, advise or represent them in all matters relating to the negotiation and administration of this Collective Agreement.a) „Full-time employee” within the meaning of section 12 means an employee who normally and regularly works 35 hours per week (or two positions at 17.5 hours half-time) in five (5) days of seven (7) hours of work every Monday to Friday.

(b) `PART-TIME WORKER` means a worker who is intended to work fewer hours than a full-time worker within the meaning of Article 3.04(a). The number of hours worked is the number specified in the offer of employment for a particular position A „temporary worker” is an employee who is hired to work full-time or part-time for more than three (3) months for: (a) a specific mandate or task, or (b) the replacement of an absent employee (a) a „”. „Casual Worker” means an employee who is hired irregularly for a maximum period of three (3) months during periods of high workload and in the event of an emergency herunterladen. b) Casual employees receive a rate of $11.22 per hour. It is understood and agreed that casual workers may be employed on a full-time or part-time basis. A casual worker is not considered to be a senior or probationary employee The term „trainee employee”, when used in this Agreement, means an employee who is employed by the Board of Directors in the bargaining unit of this Agreement and who has not completed the probationary period described in section The Deadline. „Permanent Employee”, when used in the Agreement, means an employee who has successfully completed the probationary period „Agreement” means the agreement between the Rainbow District School Board and the Education Support Staff Unit mms herunterladen fehlgeschlagen. 2 The Rainbow District School Board and Ontario Public Service Employees Union Local 614 have both entered into a new collective agreement. 11 8.05 Experience with the payment method with the board, experience is taken into account when determining the placement in the grid up to step 3. All employees covered by this agreement will receive their salary by paying directly to the bank of their choice. All employees are paid every two weeks. ARTICLE 9 – COMPLAINT AND ARBITRATION 9.01 General Any difference in interpretation, application.

Administration or alleged violation of the provisions of this Agreement shall be dealt with as described below No member or member of the trade union or board of directors may file a complaint unless it is an informal proceeding of the party concerned gratis spiele herunterladen handy. and it is assumed that an employee does not have a complaint until he or she has given his or her immediate supervisor an opportunity to deal with the complaint. Such a complaint must be discussed with his/her immediate supervisor within ten (10) days of the occurrence of the circumstances that caused it or that should reasonably have been brought to the attention of the employee. If the agreement is not concluded within ten (10) days, then it will be considered a claim in the following manner and order: 9.04 Step 1 The Union. may write to the immediate supervisor on the relevant complaint form indicating the section of the collective agreement that is alleged to be violated herunterladen. The immediate supervisor shall notify his decision in writing within ten (10) days of the date on which the complaint was submitted to him. The complaint must include: (i) identification of the item(s) suspected of being violated; (ii) a description of the alleged infringement; 8 24 descending order. The class I dismissed employee can then repeat the process until the least senior employee is fired. (e) An employee who is unable to replace a younger employee through the process described in points (c) or (d) will be dismissed from employees with recall rights under paragraph (a) who have been dismissed from the same job title as the vacancy (The.

Job title) or workers entitled to reinstatement under subparagraph (b) shall be offered the right to recall available posts for which they are qualified prior to the job posting procedure provided for in article (a) Dismissal of dismissed employees, provided that they possess the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the employment windows 10 download op usb stick. Reminders for available positions are offered in order of seniority. Recall rights expire 3 years after the date of dismissal. The recall is limited to the same or a smaller category from which the employee was dismissed. An employee has the right to refuse a recall offer if it is not the geographical area and/or if it is not about hours and equivalent categories of employment from which he has been dismissed. The worker shall not lose any right of recall under this section for such a refusal. (b) Reinstatement Workers who have changed posts under the procedure referred to in subparagraph (c) shall have the right to choose in order of seniority in their previous occupational classification (The herunterladen. Job title) if it becomes available within 3 years of the date of acceptance of the new position. The worker must be reinstated at the level of wages that would have been attained if there had been no change of position For the purposes of Article 20, the three geographical areas are the places of work within the former educational authorities of Espanola, Manitoulin and Sudbury In the event that more than one worker is declared surplus, the first access to the jostling process provided for in article c is based on the seniority of the employees in Surplus Offices The names of the employees on the recall list are kept and are accessible to all schools and the board office. These employees must be called upon to lighten the load – for example, sick leave and leave not exceeding three (3) months before the call to casual workers No new employee will be hired until all persons on the recall list have had the opportunity to be dismissed in accordance with Article 30. In March 2021, Members of Local 614 voted 85.6% in favour of the agreement.

The trustees of the Rainbow District School Board subsequently approved the agreement at the regular board meeting on April 20, 2021 hoe icloud fotosen. 8 5.05 The Union shall indemnify the Board against all claims, suits, attachments and any form of liability arising out of such deductions approved by the Union.,I 5.06 The Board shall inform all new employees at the time of recruitment: that a collective agreement is in effect, gives the employee a copy of the collective agreement and forwards the employee to the President of the Union. ARTICLE 6 – HUMAN RESOURCES RECORD 6.01 (a) An employee has access to his or her personal file during normal business hours, whether at the school or at the board office. The employee can copy the material contained in these files. Requests for access to the file must be accepted in advance. (b) If an employee grants written access to his or her personal file to another person acting on behalf of the employee. the Employer must provide such access as well as copies of the material contained therein, provided that this has also been approved and requested. ARTICLE 7 – PROBATIONARY PERIOD 7.01 All new employees who do not sit temporarily and occasionally on the Board of Directors will be deemed to have been tested for a period of six (6) uninterrupted months from the date of the last recruitment If they are retained after the trial period, the employee will be credited with seniority from the date of the last recruitment. 5 15 (c) Employees who have requested an inter-employee transfer to the same job title to another job are offered a transfer in order of priority, provided that their application is filed with the Human Resources Department. Any employee who wishes to be transferred to other positions must notify the Human Resources Manager in writing before the 1st day of September of each year.