4. Where a collective agreement is in effect under the College Collective Work Act just before the date on which the Law is approved by the King, the Council`s agreement with the forecast state of the workers` organization is not (2) The recipient of the notification informs the sender, within five days, of the notification of the name of its delegate to the arbitration body. 2008, about 15, 64 (2). b) reject the application for leave if no other corrective action is sufficient to counter the effects of the offence. 2008, about 15, 34 (2). (7) The right of a workers` organization to apply for certification under this section is governed by subsections 32 (3) and 34 (6) and 48. 2008, about 15, 29 (7). 2. The deadline for subsection 1 may be extended, by mutual agreement between the parties or by the Minister, on the advice of the mediator, so that a collective agreement can be concluded within a reasonable period of time in the event of an extension of the period. 2008, about 15, 7 (2). (19) Where an employer, worker`s organization or worker has not complied with any of the provisions of an arbitrator`s or arbitration body`s decision, an employer, workers` organization or worker concerned with the decision may file a copy of the decision with the Supreme Court, except for the reasons, and the decision is recorded in the same way as an order of that court and a court order , as such, is enforceable. 2008, about 15, 14 (19). 22 For the purposes of this Act, no person is no longer employed because he no longer works for his employer as a result of a legal lockout or a legal strike, or only because of the dismissal of his employer in violation of that law or a collective agreement.

2008, about 15, 22. 74 Any workers` organization representing workers or soliciting employee representation under this Act must issue a notice to the Labour Relations Board of Ontario indicating the name and address of a person in Ontario authorized by the workers` organization to accept on its behalf the service and communications provided by this Act. , and notification to the person mentioned in this notice is good and sufficient for the purposes of this Workers` Organization Act that filed the notification. 2008, about 15, 74. 47 (1) If the Board and any non-certified worker organization as a bargaining partner for members of a bargaining unit enter into a collective agreement or recognition contract in accordance with Section 5, paragraph 3, the Ontario Labour Relations Board may, at the request of a member of the bargaining unit or another workers` organization acting on behalf of a member of the bargaining unit , in which the first collective agreement between them is in force or, if no collective agreement has been concluded, declare, within one year of the signing of such a recognition contract, that the workers` organization had no right to represent the members of the collective agreement unit at the time of the contract.