Rental: The easiest way to pay the rent to be paid under the rental agreement is for the parties to agree on a flat-rate rent before the contract is signed. Often this takes the form of an agreed rate of $/m2, with the actual rent being determined by a final measure after the lease begins. In some cases, the parties may agree on a lease based on construction costs or a base rent that will be subject to a market review immediately after the start of the lease agreement. 6. The lessor shall enter into the rental transaction within three months of the date of this Agreement and shall return the empty property to the lessee on the day of completion of such premises. Lessor and tenant works: the agreement provides for the work to be carried out by the lessor (construction of the premises) and all work to be carried out by the lessee (i.e. The Planning Commission) has been expressly defined. These clauses define the required construction standard and other relevant details regarding the construction plans and specifications. The agreement should consider how changes to plans and specifications are managed and how and when the necessary renovation work will be carried out. These are key clauses of the agreement and must be well thought out to avoid conflicts.

If you have any questions regarding entering into a rental agreement or would like someone to assist you in the process, please contact our experienced commercial real estate lawyers. Call us on 0800 689 1700 or fill out this short form. And while the tenant has asked the Reader to grant the rental of the premises mentioned for the construction of a house used for his residential use or for the rental for residential purposes. A „design, construction and lease agreement” is a complex document that, in addition to the lease conditions, must take into account and take into account all aspects of the development process. If the commitments and expectations of the parties are not clearly stated and concise, this can create ambiguities and lead to costly quarrels in the later stages of development. The best way to avoid possible problems is to contact our commercial real estate experts at an early stage of the development process..